OpenMigrate provides a configurable, modular and extensible framework that makes data and content migrations a snap.

OpenMigrate: Making Complex Migrations Simple through Configuration

OpenMigrate’s framework is configurable, modular, and extensible, providing the capabilities to address both one-time and ongoing migrations with a flexible and high performance architecture. Built leveraging open source libraries such as Spring and Jakarta Commons, OpenMigrate has been designed to not only be highly configurable, but easily extensible as well. Even the most complex migrations, with numerous business rules and other constraints, can typically be completed either completely through configuration, or with one or two additional self-contained components which implement one of OpenMigrate's simple extension-point interfaces.

Key features:

  • Configurable Multi-System Support – OpenMigrate’s modular architecture allows source and target systems to be configured independently as needed. OpenMigrate supports the following systems:
    • Documentum (4i and higher)
    • Alfresco (3.1 and higher)
    • SharePoint (2010)
    • FileNet
    • Additional database and propriety systems – Using JDBC and specific product APIs, OpenMigrate has performed migrations from a wide variety of systems, from Stellant and Hummingbird to home-grown systems
  • High Volume Support – Each of the major migration processes can be independently multi-threaded to allow for maximum migration throughput.
  • Detailed Logging – OpenMigrate’s standard configuration creates metadata CSV log files to easily capture the metadata of migrated content.
  • Visible Source Model – If a unique business process requires customization outside of the available configurable components, OpenMigrate is available as Visible Source to allow clients to easily implement custom components.
  • Command Line Driven – Migrations can be executed using a command line window from any Java enabled system.
  • Cached Content Support – OpenMigrate is a key component of our highly successful cached content approach for simplified view-only access.