Replace Static Forms with Smart, Dynamic Forms

The Active Wizard is a configurable infrastructure for dynamic forms and dynamic workflow.  It has a unique wizard interface that presents users with small sections of the form at a time.  Not only will answers drive what future pages are displayed to the user, but answers can also drive who is required for an approval workflow.  

As a module within HPI, the Active Wizard replaces "hard-coded" forms and templates, eliminating many of the issues associated with static paper and electronic forms. The results are easier navigation, more accurate responses and the flexibility to accommodate rapidly changing business needs.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Form - An administration interface allows you to create dynamic forms that flow based on your business scenario.  Users are only presented with the relevant pages and questions.
  • Dynamic Workflow - Administrators define rules that turn form answers into a business workflow process.  When the workflow is started, the rules are evaluated on the fly - there's no need for a static workflow template.
  • Extend your ECM investment - rather than use static forms and workflow templates provided by your chosen ECM platform (Documentum, Alfresso, etc.), use Active Wizard to provide dynamic forms and workflows.
  • Active Wizard Lite - The "Lite" version of Active Wizard can use Hadoop as a back-end repository, allowing users access to forms and workflow.

The Active Wizard's ActiveForm module in HPI

Example Forms

Some of the most common forms are used around Change Request and Document Routing, however the Active Wizard has been used by our clients for over 400 different forms in many different industries.

  • Change Management
    • Change Request
    • Multi-Document Routing Form
    • Execution Summary Report
  • Industry-specific forms
    • Chemotherapy Note/Order
    • Work Permit
    • Hazards Identification & Task Risk Assessment
    • Request for Unescorted Access
    • Behavior Observation
  • Common Corporate Forms
    • Access Request
    • Business Card Order Form
    • Help Desk Support Request
    • New Hire Employee Form
    • Wireless Device Equipment Request
    • Write Off Request
  • Human Resources
    • Employee Benefits Annual Enrollment (ex: Medical/Dental/Vision plan selections, etc.)
    • Employee Information Update